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At Cartel we’re making up new rules. We are a creative PR agency for fashion. And only fashion!

Whether designing laser-focussed marketing strategies with our clients, putting them on the biggest runways, growing their editorial realestate, or helping them raise retail empires, we carry one simple, driving aim – to get them noticed. And keep them noticed.

If you’re a designer with high ambitions, a photographer with an eye on high style, if you’re model or hair and makeup artist with flair and spirit, a retailer with drive and daring, or any creative person with big ideas in fashion, your brilliant career is our business.

We don’t believe in tangling clients up in lengthy or exclusive contracts or guarding them jealously from great opportunities. This is an unbreakable plank in our philosophy.

We’ve seen many an agency stifle the careers of bright, brilliant people for fear of losing an account to those who can offer more. This is a stale and cynical PR model. It’s time for fresh air and limitless horizons!

At Cartel we know how to network you in, and get you out there! We know the all right people and all the right minds to aim your career’s trajectory as far as you dare imagine.

We believe our clients should drive and retain the creative license of their brands. Always. We do not believe in co-opting our their vision, but in bringing it into gleaming reality.

Together we will storm the fashion world!


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