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We will work with you in whichever way suits your individual brand and your current position within the industry. Whether you are an emerging fashion brand, an established label, or a retailer of any kind we can help.

A marketing strategy is essential for any business … it is the framework required for the realisation of your greatest dreams. And no-one dreams bigger than Cartel. Let us do it with you!

Editorial content is simply the story of your dream. And it is a story which needs to be told. Professionally. Creatively. Informatively. Successfully.

Fashion events are not a new concept, but they are more important for the growth and success of your business than they ever were. We can create your fashion events from scratch, or, we can assist you in making your events better than they have ever been.

Every label relies on fashion imagery. It is the most essential aspect of a fashion label. We can produce your fashion shoot or we can assist in collaborations, contacts, styling, and venues.

Are you a fashion label? How many people know about your label? Stockists who sit outside outside of your core business can help.

Do you have retail space? Does it look amazing? Do you know how to make it look amazing? We can help.

If you would like to collaborate with other professionals in the fashion industry we can help.


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